What works now?

We have had 4 weeks of intense changes, and media coverage that has gone from the surreal to the patently looney. And we have survived. The risk now is people will settle into a rut….not good for mental health or your company. To thrive we need to be enthused not stagnant. It’s time create a roadmap that moves us forward, providing evidence that the world is safe, building new skills, all the while reinforcing that hope is well placed. The map will take a few hours (at most) to create. Complete it with your team.

Step one: Understand the current situation. NOW

Collect everything possible about external and internal forces impacting your role, and the aspects of the company and its people (including suppliers and funders) that interface with your role. You may wish to limit your investigation to one key problem, and that’s fine. Step one provides evidence that the world is tracking along as its always done. It helps us to calm and feel confident.

Step two: Envision the future. WHERE

This provides direction for communication, energy and resources. Craft a picture of what you and your team want the end point to look like (a solved key problem; a company that has used the emergency to learn and strengthen etc). As part of the objectives that frame the efforts, itemise the behaviours to be employed and the WIIFM that each individual will gain on success. Use the SMARTT goal format (Specific, Measurable, Realistic, Tangible and Time bound).  Section two energises and keeps us hopeful. (Goals can have a timeframe of 3, 6, 12 months).

Step three: Direct the effort. HOW

Create the plans.  Don’t make this rocket science. If you or your team haven’t done this before don’t worry, learning on the job is the only way a plan actually works. Consider resources  (people, money, assets, relationships) and risks (what could stop the plan from succeeding, and the impacts on other areas when it does). Here is a link to a One Page Plan. Each task is assigned a due date and a accountable person. These two factors are key for success.  Oh, and only work on 2-3 of your initial ideas. Resources are limited. Use them to best effect. Effort needs to go into ensuring the decisions suit the unfolding situations not making gorgeous plans.  This step strengthens trust and relationships as we negotiate and contribute. 

Step four: Implement

Many a plan failed because no one watched what was unfolding and then adapted as needed. Follow the plan by all means, but don’t be rigid. We never know the effects that our decisions until they unfold. Employ lead and lag measures and look at effects beyond your division where you can.  Consequences can spread a long way. This step links  cause and effects and strengthens our confidence and immune functioning as we celebrate our successes. 

Be sure of your abilities. You and your team can do what is needed providing you watch and adapt as needed. But if you want some help, call me for a 30 – 60 mins no obligation phone call.   We are all in this together.

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