Thinking comes afterwards

There is a lovely adage: When you’re thinking you’re not seeing what is truly there.  In our educated world we seem to believe that thinking is important, indeed so important that Descartes said “I think therefore I am”. Okay he was talking about the ability to have conscious thought but so often we succumb to thinking in place of watchful doing and that’s not good.

If you wanted to learn to ride a bike would you think about it, or even read a book?  I don’t think so, not if you wanted to be successful. The most important bits of balance and propulsion require your experience. You need to experience not think your way to success.

So it is with your business and your life.

When we think we turn our minds inwards thus shutting ourselves off from the outside world… the place where the problem we are trying to solve exists.

When we think we are sifting reality through our blinkers, biases and interpretations.

When we are thinking we are crafting a picture from our experiences, hopes and fears.

Thinking in this way limits what we see, and thus our opportunities.

It is only when we put our thinking cap aside that we can see the world as it is.

Think by all means, but not while you are doing.

When you are “doing” focus on that act and nothing else.

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