Immune booster

It’s time to be strengthening our body and increasing our endorphins is a good place to start. Endorphins are those feel good chemicals which arise when we do stuff that makes us feel good. Research says there is a direct relationship between endorphin levels and immune functioning.

Higher endorphins = better immune functioning.

Activities like laughter, exercise, meditation, a loved one’s touch, playing with friends, being in nature, each boost our endorphin levels.

The more of these activities we do, the better our health will be.

Fear, doubt, stress and illness diminish our endorphins. So too our immune functioning. Joy, not fear is what we need.

At times it can seem hard to toss our fear and doubt aside. However reality is, if we choose to feel happier we can.  Admittedly we need activities to help get us there.

So… make a list of activities that make you feel good and do plenty of them each day.

And if your slump seems impenetrable, try reading a long list of jokes. If you do it with the right attitude I defy anyone to hold in their laughter for long, or better still watch yourself in the mirror doing kids exercises. Not only will you get an exercise high, but seeing yourself look like a lunatic will produce guffaws.

Hola! Immune system is boosted.

Now is not the time to be filled with doubt.

Now is the time to be filled with joie de vivre.

(And while you’re at it, check out the WHO Getting the workplace ready for covid-19 procedures. Easy and straightforward and suitable for your workplace. WHO has done the work for you.)

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