Habits of happiness and joy

Times are interesting if you hadn’t noticed, and I believe filled with great opportunity for all of us. This may be hard to see though with the multitude of regulations, changed family situations, and other dislocations but within all of this we have shown ourselves to be very adaptive creatures.  In this past week or so, we have changed our locations, our opinions, our activities, our distractions, and managed with only the occasional grumble or frustrated comment. We’ve done incredibly well.  You’ve done incredibly well. Each of us should feel proud.

So playing coach for a moment, I’d like to you to look back on the week and list all the things you have achieved, noting the small things as well as the large as everything counts. Yes, I’d like you to write them down please.

Maybe you:

  • worked all hours so that your Board got the information they needed to keep the shareholders informed;
  • listened and flexed as you and your family jostled for workspace;
  • stroked your cat till it purred;
  • when friends or family were less calm than desired, let their words go, understanding that sometimes we all have outbursts;
  • bought laughter to someone’s voice;
  • held your frustration in check when, after 2 hours, you finally got through to the call centre person;
  • helped your team set themselves up at home and didn’t get disappointed when no one noticed how hard you worked;

In these disruptive times it’s important to celebrate our achievements.  Actions of kindness and love are especially important as these are the ones which help us feel connected and strong.

You see what we measure controls our life.

When we measure things that frighten us, or disempower us, we will increase our fear and feelings of vulnerability.

When we measure things that show love and hope for the future those emotions will grow within us and within those who we touch.

Your happiness and your success is up to you.

It’s our choice as to how we wish to use each day, and the silver lining this virus holds for each of us.

The world will not stop turning, no matter what we think or do. Today we are building the habits of our future. Let’s make them habits that will give us happiness and joy.

(And while you are practising smiling and finding the good things in life (or if you’d like a bit of help to do so) why not register for my morning setups. This week we explored self sabotage and expectations. Topics are driven by those who attend.  Sessions will run until Friday 17th April. I’ll then evaluate if they will continue. Why not join me. And if you feel like chatting virtually with others in this journey, why not chat over lunch on a Thursday)


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