Bear Wisdom

Easter is upon us. A time of chocolate, reflection, and hope. A time when bears sit in windows and wise words take centre stage, and who is the wisest bear? Winnie the Pooh of course. So here’s my story about Pooh for you:

Pooh and his friend Piglet are walking through the forest when a storm breaks. The air is filled with leaves. Branches are thrown to the ground. Trees are torn apart and are crashing everywhere.  Little Piglet is tossed this way and that.

Piglet turns to Pooh and with a shaking voice he says:

“Pooh I just can’t go on.  I am too frightened…Pooh, what happens if a tree comes crashing down on me?”

Pooh stops.

“Yes” Pooh thinks to himself, “a tree could fall down upon us.”

And in the distance Pooh hears a tree crash loudly and begins to shiver as the fears of Piglet take root in his mind.

Now Pooh is a bear of great wisdom. He knows that doubt and fear narrow his mind so he stops his thoughts raging and shakes his head free of Piglet’s words. Only then does he consider the situation.

“Piglet” Pooh says with a smile “What if it doesn’t? What if a tree doesn’t fall on top of us?”

Piglet gives a start. He hadn’t thought of that.

Relaxing Piglet looks all around.  The storm seems less scary now.

Hand in hand Pooh and Piglet walk back home. It’s not an easy walk admittedly. The storm hasn’t dropped, its still noisy and harsh but a hopeful alternative has pushed doubt aside so now little Piglet and Pooh see the storm’s opportunities as well as its dangers. They find a way through and soon make it home safe and sound.

May you apply Bear Wisdom this Easter, and whenever doubt takes hold in your mind.

(Thanks A.A. Milne for creating these characters and Ajahn Brahm for reminding me of them).

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