The future is in our hands

I have been told my focus on facts rather than fear has sent the wrong message. I wish to correct any misconception. This virus is a very serious issue. Its future is in our hands. Literally! But fear and apathy have no place in its management.

China has shown the virus can be contained – when we all work together.

When we wash our hands, stay home with a runny nose, cook our food really well, we don’t do it just for us, we do it for…

… the people down the chain who have weakened immune systems. The ones most likely to die. These are the people whose hands touch the hands, who brushed our own, which came in contact with someone who had the illness and didn’t know.

Australians travel so much our actions impact the world and vice versa.

When we ignore the facts, or succumb to alarmist talk, we can forget the needs of others and the world becomes a lesser place as a result.

Please care about others as well as yourself. Act wisely and help others do the same.

I would hate to look back on 2020 and think I could have done better. I expect you’re the same.

WHO Getting the workplace ready for COVID-19  are procedures that workplaces should do. Easy and straightforward. The work has been done for you.

The sooner we make the WHO recommendations a habit, the sooner the virus will be contained.

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