Silence impacts resilience

Resilience relates to our ability to adapt to whatever comes our way. Many people are good in a crisis or good in calm waters. Few adapt to crisis and calm with equal aplomb. With the Law of Supply and Demand being as it is, these versatile people attract the most opportunities.

Increasing resilience is not linear. It’s an unstoppable roundabout process. Life acts as our Personal Trainer providing daily challenging exercises that strengthen our (resilience) muscles. Her exercise variety helps ensure our “muscles” are strong as well as flexible.

To make use of this, people with high resilience spend time in silence.

Silence calms the mind allowing things to be seen more clearly.

Think of a river on a stormy day. All that is visible are the white caps and maybe a few inches into the mix. What lies on the river floor is unknown.

Now visualise the river when it is calm… the fishes, rocks, seagrass, sand are each easy to see.

Minds full of thoughts are like agitated rivers. Poorer decisions result.

The toilet paper shortage shows this. Fear pushed minds into turmoil. Reality was obscured. Result? Some in society have been needlessly inconvenienced.

Silence is a skill which needs practise. The more you practise the faster your resilience (and opportunities) grow.

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