Relax. Everything is out of control.

A couple of days ago as I was going through a private meltdown. You see, in trying to work out how I could be of best use in this constantly changing scenario I was creating one idea after another, using headspace and energy galore. I was draining my physical strength which was impacting my emotions. My body said STOP!  I called a friend and she bought me to my senses… I closed my computer for 48 hours, did nothing for the first 24 … other than focus on the good things in my life… and then walked to the fruit and vegetable store and bought the strangest thing I could find: Bitter Melon – It tastes great by the way.

And today? Well I feel grand.

We can get caught in the belief that action is needed when things get out of control.  Nope.  Good results often come better from stopping not acting.

Now is not the time to get annoyed at ourselves for not being as productive as we were at the office, now is the time to be kind.

Our lives have changed remarkably in the last month, this is physically and emotionally draining.

So with this in mind next week I am commencing online sessions to help us relax, think clearly and be as productive as possible:

Morning set up: At 8.30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. These are for people who want to instil morning discipline. Read more and subscribe.  If there is interest, I may start an evening session for people who want to switch off at the end of each day or who can’t get to the morning session.

Weekly virtual lunch: At 12.30pm Thursday. It’s for people who just want to chat.  Read more and subscribe

I’ll be using Zoom. So when  we first meet I will give you instructions on how to set up your background should you want to do so.

I’d love you to join me if you want to.

Feel free to send this email on to others.