Laughter isn’t cancelled

As the world dips and dives your role as a leader changes.   It’s time to be kind and attentive to you, as well as your team. Yes, it’s time to rise to the occasion and be a calm port in the storm.  Yes its time to attend to the crisis. And it’s time to open your heart wider so that you and your team cut through any fog of fear and into the clear headedness beyond.

What is different now is that you and your people want you to be the voice that says “we will get through these troubles ok”.

This  is not about making false promises. This is about noting that each of us has suffered troubles before and survived, proving we can manage this time too. It’s different this time, yes, but we can do it. We are very adaptive creatures. So, keep soothing as long as it takes. And then a bit longer. Fear is a great ear plug. Break through it with constant repetition.

Maybe your people don’t need reassurance today, and  maybe not tomorrow…but at some time their confidence may falter, when they’ll remember your words and feel buoyed.

So continue to ask how they feel and to listen without interruption, because as you know, being listened to helps us to calm and see clearly. When we feel heard, we also feel accepted. When we feel accepted we feel safe. So listen well. Its worth it.

And remember please:

A good leader seeks kindness too so just as you listen to others ask someone to listen to you. Choose a person who’ll listen properly, who’ll let you uncover your own solutions. You’ve got enough knowledge within you; just stop a while to let it get through. Everyone needs someone objective to hear them. You are no different.

Yes, life’s a bit uncertain, and spectating at the football may be out.

But laughter hasn’t been cancelled, nor has innovative thinking, or planning for the future.

And hope still exists in truckloads if you bother to look for it.

So remind your people and yourself to keep joy and hope alive…

…by sticking to facts, laughing a lot, and taking note of the wonders this world provides.

Enjoy each moment of pleasure.

That hasn’t been cancelled either.

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