This shocks and appalls me

I am shocked, though not surprised by this image. Yesterday I asked you to ensure your people know the facts about CoronaVirus19.  This alarmist headline is why.

You can use your influence and knowledge to stop such lunacy proliferating.

  • Fear mongering destabilises society.
  • Fear stops people working to their best.
  • Fear reduces profitability.
  • Fear infects.
  • Fear kills.
  • Fear can take Australia into RECESSION.

Do not assume your people know the facts. No papers would have sold if they did …yet  papers were sold.

So please make sure your family, friends, colleagues know the facts and the precautions to be taken. This way you can help stop this lunacy reoccurring.

Yesterdays’ post gives facts and a link to recommended precautions.

What to do next?

  • Call a meeting with your team to check their understanding
  • Make sure they know the truth.
  • Apply the precautions without limitation
  • See yesterday’s post for links.
  • And here is an image (scroll down) that you may find useful in your explanation.

NOW about this alarmist statement:

No one can foresee the future. Inferring certainty when none exists falls within my definition of lying.

FACTS: These change daily. The links give latest information.

FACT: in China, infection and death numbers are declining rapidly. China has the infection under control.

FACT: Extrapolate to Australian population.

  • People who MAY become infected = 1,211
  • People who MAY die = 42.

FACT: In Australia:

I have created a linkedin post asking Seven West Media Board Members to pick up their act. Feel free to comment and “Like”.  (Removed after 7 days as figures were out of date).

What will happen is unknown which is why our people need to know the facts and that the precautions  need to be taken seriously. By you ensuring this, the effects of virus and fear can be kept at bay.

Your actions matter.

Written in frustration (about how greedy some people can be).

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