The herd

This amazing piece of art seems so appropriate I was going to say “today”, though I think the way we humans act it’s an appropriate depiction of behaviour we see somewhere every day. It’s an installation of 99 wolves crashing into a glass wall.

Depicting herd mentality it asks the viewer to remember that our core we are still animals, and this can be dangerous… … world trade, school behaviour, office culture..all of this is impacted by the way we act.

It can seem so much easier to follow the herd, but when we give our minds away to the momentum of the herd we give away our future.

It takes great courage to go against the heard.

But know that such courage resides in each of us, if we would only let it out.

Cai Guo-Qiang – Head On, 2006, 99 life-sized replicas of wolves and glass wall

For more information on this picture and the artist Cai Quo Qiang go to


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