Mike and Mike

I have two friends, let’s call them both Mike (not their real name of course). They are born on the same day in the same year, have the same hair colour, same height, weight, name and open smile.  Mike-1 wears beautiful clothes, drives a European car, has a picture book family, and seemingly good health. His career, reputation and investment portfolio have leveraged his persistence, good intellect, savvy nature and connections he has made along the way.

Mike-2 has holes in his clothes, was recently forced to change his home (again), no car, a gammy arm, and depends on the Big Issue and government for his support. Despite us knowing one another for a few years now, he still cannot remember my name.  He also struggles to understand me at times – he is street wise more than savvy.

A roll of the dice started the lives of these two men.  They were destined never to live or work alongside one another. Although both have made the most of their lives and both have beautiful smiles, their lottery of birth created different opportunities requiring different decisions. Their lives are incomparable.

This story reminds us why judging our life as better or worse than the life of another is so foolhardy. So much depends on our birth. Our gender, IQ, parentage, country of birth and many other factors all play a major part in our future. We can’t change these things, or many other life factors, though we can change our response to what life throws our way.

So let’s stop comparing ourselves to others, and invest in being the best we can be. At least we have control over that.

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