Stockmarket? Coronavirus? What the?

The ASX has dropped more than 10% on the back of the fears about CoronaVirus19. Its reminding us…

The only thing to fear is fear itself.

As the market results show, around the world decisions are being driven fear, and this is not good.

As a leader you have tremendous ability to influence this.

So I am deviating from my normal blog to provide you with salient links about the facts of the current situation, in case you have not had time to find them yourself.

As you know, facts give perspective and help us take the RIGHT actions. Facts and compassion are key warriors in fighting fear.

Here is the World Health Organisation’s latest daily Situation Report. It ends with “Recommendations and Advice for the public” a statement that puts things into perspective.

Here are the recommended precautions. By complying with these precautions the virus can be defeated (as have many others in the past). For the virus to survive, it needs to be transferred and these precautions stop transference.

Whether the virus lives or dies is up to the actions of each of us, in Australia and elsewhere.

Let’s help our people dump the fear but not the responsibility.

Help them stick to facts and take precautions, and soon this emergency will be a thing of the past.

What you do will make a difference.

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