Our actions matter

Over the last few months we have seen both the best and the less than best actions of people.  The terrible fires and resulting destruction that have erupted in every Australian State have highlighted how important it is for people to rest their decisions in both head and heart.

Whether the fires could have been prevented by cool burning is an argument which is getting press, but is this the question we should be asking?

Is not a better question “What can I do now to help those who are hurting, or could be hurt in the future?”.

We are each resource rich humans filled with the power to make a difference.

We can lend an ear, donate our funds, ready our homes and hearts, make decisions which will make Australia, the world, and even fellow Australians better prepared as our future unfurls.

Each one of us can help in our small way.

Now is not the time for blame. Indeed there is no time for this emotion.

Now is the time for uncovering and solving the immediate and future problems that these fires have highlighted and lending our heads, hearts and other capabilities to those in need.

Right now it’s the fires that highlight our interrelatedness. Tomorrow other communities will need our support. What we offer need not be on a grand style. Everything helps  – sometimes in ways unexpected.  A non judgemental ear can change a life.

Our actions matter.

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