Leadership with Heart

The programme

A 13 week programme for mid level leaders who want to take charge of their career whilst bringing out the best in those around them. It starts March 2020.

How Leadership with Heart is different

Combining workshops, coaching, selected readings, and exercises that leverage the skills of attendees, this 13 week programme fast tracks leaders to the next level. It is a programme which unashamedly engages heart skills (the skills that bond relationships plus embolden trust and courage) so as to compound results well beyond the programme finish.

Topics include

  • Handling ambiguity
  • Understanding worldviews
  • Securing buy in
  • Prioritising
  • Problem solving
  • Successful meetings
  • Mistakes as a resource
  • Personal branding
  • Marketing versus sales
  • Making change happen

Is this program for you?

This programme is for mid level leaders who want to craft a career full of actions and results of which they are proud. These team leaders are doers who know they must deliver what is needed not only what is wanted if they are to succeed.

It is not for everyone. It’s not for those who want the world to stay as it is, nor those who see the world in terms of “I win – You lose.”

This is for leaders who want to write their own roadmap, to create change, and sail the turbulent waters that this can generate.

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