How we steal futures

When we solve another’s problems we do them and us a disservice. Recently I started wood turning. I was hopeless. Totally hopeless. I’ve made tables and things so it didn’t worry me. I knew I would learn. My instructor came over, took my wood and corrected my mistakes. I was surprised…and then hurt that he did not trust me. The next week my instructor was different. He set me up for success. He asked questions, explained what was happening; moved my arms and body. He left my wood alone. My wonky result was good he said, given my experience. I was enthused to do more. Week 5 closed: Now 4 of 5 instructors had fixed my mistakes.  My opportunity to learn was being stymied. My joy in this 9 week course had fled. I did not return.

When we solve another’s problem we steal their future away. Not only do we slow (or stop) their skill development we put our relationship at risk – I recall with fondness the chap of week 2. The others I recall with chill.

As leaders we are tasked to solve problems so will be tempted to do this for others. Hopefully this story highlights the risks.

Problems today are too complex for a single brain. We need the collective to help us, else we will fail.

Set your people up for success by all means. Just don’t solve their problems for them.

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