Do you ever get the urge to take someone down a peg or two?

Maybe they have done something that’s hurt you.

Maybe they are just a self absorbed arrogant twat.

Whatever…if you want revenge you do so because you hurt and you want them to hurt too.

So you ruminate, indulge, fantasise and maybe even orchestrate your revenge.

And with your mind fully fixed on them you have … made them the … most… important… person… in your life.

More important than your lover, more important than you, more important than anyone else.

YOU have given them the most precious thing of all – your mind space.

Is that what you want, to put them on a pedestal and bow to them as a God?

I bet you don’t because that would be silly wouldn’t it.

So next time you want to plan revenge. Stop.

Think what you are doing, feel the pain flush through your body (this gives you distance, and knowledge of what the pain does to you, so you can create tactics to learn to dampen your pain, avoid the situation or whatever) and then turn your mind to something that will aid your future, not reduce it.

It’s not your job to bring the person down a peg or two, they will do it well enough themselves.

Your job is to be the best person you can be.

Put your effort where it should be, and create the life you want.


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