Silence really is golden

I am a scaredy cat. Not the type which baulks at dark laneways as I have had enough challenging times to be unconcerned by what could be lurking there, nor am I frightened of death which is reconfirmed each time my girlfriend drives and we (surprisingly) survive.

My greatest fear is not living up to expectations and when I fail to do so…Ahhhhh… let’s not picture what I see. Perfection is all I want, in all the things I do. That’s what school taught me and being an excellent student I learnt my lesson well. Perfection is the minimum standard in my life. Oh what a sentence this is.

Are you like me? Donning prison attire each morning. Walking out the door, into a prison of inner chatter. Chatter which tells you again and again how far short you are from perfection. So you work and work and listen and listen until you freeze, withdraw or explode?

If so, why not do as me:

I’ve tossed my garb, and walked out into the freedom of … silence.

Without my chatter the world is clearer and much more easy to discern. My results come much more quickly too.

Ah… silence really is golden.

Give it a go and release yourself from your own inner prison. Cease your inner chatter and become free. Call me if you’d like a hand.

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