Raising the bar

How often do you tell someone you appreciate them?  If you are like most of us not very often. Yet we will perform much better for praise than we will for criticism. In fact, we will care for the person who praises us much more than one who doesn’t which is really, really important when we need to get things done.

(Don’t believe me then recall someone who criticises you and someone who expresses their appreciation. Now picture them with a task for you to do. Assuming you had right of choice whose task would you choose?  Says it all doesn’t it).

So next time you want to outline the shortcomings of Mary, Luke, Stuart or whoever, may I suggest that you stop, take a breath and go somewhere quiet.

Take out your pen and list all the behaviours you want more of:  More initiative? More humour? More sharing? More preparation? More patience? More….???

Then each and every time Mary, Luke or Stuart exhibit such behaviours stop and praise them. Be specific, make it personal, and don’t stint. Repeat the action ad nauseam. You may get sick of the process but I reckon the recipient won’t, not if you are genuine in your delivery.

And as habits are built, raise the bar. Use your praise to exalt your people to their best.

Little changes can make a very big difference, so watch carefully what unfolds.

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