Its your choice

There is a parable about two chicken farmers. The first chicken farmer goes into the coop, picks up all the chicken shit and brings it back into the house where its stinks the corridors, the kitchen, and before long every room gets filled with its stench. Even his family become mired in its smell. Being in his company is horrible as he has filled his pockets as well. 

The second chicken farmer goes into the coop, walks past the shit and picks up the eggs which he takes back to house and transforms into omelettes. These he presents to his family for breakfast. You can hear the laughter percolate across the fence as the family digs into their meal.

How often do you act as the first chicken farmer, ignoring the good things in life and harvesting the shit, spreading its stench onto all those you touch?

Not sure then stop for a moment and think back over today. Trawl all the moments.  Do you remember that moment when a driver on the main street let you in, or the person stepped aside on the pavement, or your colleague let you tell your story for the umpteenth time? Or is your memory filled with painful times?

There is always shit in life. It’s how we deal with it that provides us with happiness or otherwise. Will we use it to make us stronger and more compassionate or cover ourselves with a stench that keeps others away?

The second farmer stepped over the shit before breakfast because it wasn’t the right time to pick it up. Later in the day he went back, dug a pail full and put it on his compost heap to be used in the future to grow sweet fruit and vegetables. 

It’s your choice as to how you see your day. What choice do you make?

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