Forgiveness is a wise and selfish act. It frees the forgiver from the shackles of suffering. Recently I sought this salve yet despite seemingly thousands of attempts at understanding, forgiveness seemed unattainable.

Then a few small words sent the monster of resentment on its way. 

It wasn’t that another accepted responsibility, or made a big deal, or tried to dress the wound. None of these occurred. She just said: “I realise you wouldn’t have wanted it to occur like this.” 

Her comment seemed so understated that it forced me to remember that each one of us sees the world through our own circumstances and conditioning: The situation would have unfolded differently had the actors lives been different.

Thus there are many, many scenarios founding any situation with one at least being worthy of forgiveness. 

The lightbulb flashed.  A scenario worthy of forgiveness exists… I opened the door and the monster of resentment walked out. 

I didn’t bother to find the scenario. I suggest you don’t bother either. That it exists is enough for forgiveness to take root and the pain to dissipate.

Of course I’ll never forget what happened. Not only would it be impossible it would be foolish not to learn from what transpired. Her few words have set me free not made me blind. May you enjoy their magic too.

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