What and why

If you want autonomy and to guide your future forward, seek more ”What” than “Why”.

“What happened?”; “What do we want?”; “What is the problem here?”; “What made this feel good for me?”. Each question forces us into reality; identifying behaviour; identifying situations; identifying facts.  Acts of replication or removal can then be undertaken.

“What” distills results into cause and effect.

It forces us to be better at truth and its sibling, humility.

“What” forces us to say: “There is a gap in the facts and I don’t know the answer” directing our mind to seek further.

“Why” is covered in emotion, in bias, in cultural conditioning.  It can anchor us to the spot as in our minds anything is possible.

“Why do some people cross the street and others stop and say hello, when passing a destitute person?” has reasons so numerous as to fill a page or more.

“What can we do to help the destitute?” is a much better question.

“What” is an action word.  Use it to create the future you want to enjoy.

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