Plays well with other children

Do you remember reading this phrase on your kids report card along side their rating in science, physical education, English and so on? The reason it is there is obvious: Being able to ‘play’ or ‘work’ well with others increases a child’s opportunities immeasurably.

Why when we reach adulthood do we stop measuring this?  We measure profit, calories, ‘likes’, and a whole multitude of other stuff, but rarely this. Do we think that we no longer need others to help us get things done?

Do we believe that others will simply do as we want?

Is it because blaming others is easier than seeing our contribution to the friction?

If your rating on this measure has slipped a bit you may want to reinstall it on your report card. That way its front of mind,  and you can pay it the attention it (and you) deserves .

And if you would like some help in rebuilding this measure, why not give me a call. 

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