Live life as it is

With such a fabulous spring day as it is today in Perth it’s a good time to pause, to sit back and feel life as it is, this very moment, in all it’s chaos, serenity, noise or whatever. To feel ourselves ‘alive’.

So often we live in our minds rather than experience what the world gives us to enjoy and learn from.

In our minds we leap to the future – indulging in fears, and hopes and goals – then run back to the past – thinking about situations that we cannot change.

Before too long we begin to feel that life is passing us by; that something is missing from our lives.

It’s a fair call.

Because it is.

Whilst we live in our minds we miss all the wonders that life is giving us every moment.

So, right this moment…

… look out the window, or better still get up and walk outside, connect with the day. Be fully present. Give your five senses full reign.

Then do an audit of all that you have in your life.

When we see what we have (rather than only what’s missing) life takes on a different hew: one with less pressure and more confidence. Then somehow things become easier to do.

And tonight when you think about the day, you will know that for at least one short moment you lived life, rather than letting it pass you by.

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