What are you asking from Life?

Jack and Jill are superlative professionals. Each morning Jack wakes and dons his professional armour. The smile, the gentle voice, the clearheadedness that wins awards, wealth and plaudits with ease;  he also dons his running shoes determined that today  he will outrun life. His invisible wall seems to be working, but try as he might, Life keeps him seemingly in chains.

Each morning Jill wakens. No armour has she, but she too dons her running shoes. She runs at a sprint towards all that Life offers. She loves hearing what others have achieved from her insights, but that’s not why she does it. She does it for them, not the plaudits. Yet with every plaudit Life runs away a bit faster. It seems the more she strives the less Life wants to be around her.

If Jack and Jill were to stop and listen for a moment they would hear Life say she is providing exactly what each has asked for.

But both being intent on the running… they don’t hear her and so do not change their requests. They run ever faster, unsatisfied. Life continues to supply what is asked. They keep running.

If you are Jack or Jill slow down

Listen by watching your behaviour.  It shows what you are asking from Life. Then change what is needed and watch what unfolds. Adjusting as you go.

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