Kiss to become influential

KISS. A pair of lips. Red. Glossy. Shiny as dew. Salt and sweetness. A foretaste of things to come. A heavy metal group. KISS is Beauty, Completeness. An essential element of life. 

KISS: A business acronym. Keep it Simple S.

A simple message is not simplistic, nor is it easy to create. Done well its space is far larger than its content.

Giotto in his perfect circle (created unaided by anything but brush hand and paint) showed that perfection comes from space, not clutter.

Space allows the audience to imprint their own interpretation, transforming your message into something that they can see as their own.

We will marvel at the beauty in the simple, for it has taken much to create. Stupid does not exist when simple is in its pure form.

Mark Twain once wrote apologetically “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead”. Aren’t we all guilty of this.

Invest your time in finding and telling a message that’s simple though not simplistic. Show others the open space in your words so that they can fill it with their own. And when that happens know: Now you are truly influential.


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