The body speaks louder than words

Communication is the mainstay of relationships. It’s so important that we are able to appraise another in milliseconds of meeting, and then hold onto that appraisal until its proven wrong. We communicate through the way we position our body, the way we fidget or stay still, through our tone of voice, the hardness or softness of our eyes and face, and only then through the words that we use. If the words and body lack alignment, discomfort will enter the mind of the listener who will then pay even less attention to our words and more attention to their inner chatter.

Whatever you are thinking is reflected in your body.

A poker face remits a message too: “Stay away. I wear a mask to you”.

If the behaviour you need from others is not what is given, look inside you: What do you believe, want and fear? How aligned is your behaviour to your words? Not sure? Ask someone you trust for their opinion.

Whether you welcome new ideas, are patient with differences, are kind and attentive to another’s situation or otherwise will be read on your face, seen in your body and heard in the tone of your voice. 

The way you react to others drives the way they react to you.


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