Converting dung to joy

Life can toss us a barrel of dung sometimes. Placing it right at our front door where it must be faced every time we enter the world. It smells. It’s unpleasant to look at. We don’t want it. Not at all. So we complain, we resist, and eventually when our agony gets too great we get someone to remove for us. The door step is clean again.

But dung is an interesting factor, it likes to go where it feels its most needed. So soon we find our doorstep covered again. And again we ask someone to take it away.

Then we notice our neighbours get dung too, and they react differently to us. Their eyes light up with pleasure as they pick up their shovels and cart it around the back to lay on the fruit and vegetables. Those with the biggest dung pile have the biggest smiles, then we remember they also have the sweetest fruit.

Maybe there is a connection we think.

So next time the dung is delivered we accept it and cart it around to the garden. Then we watch and tend, and at harvest find our fruit and flowers are better than any we have had before.

So now we look forward to dung deliveries. We still hate the smell and the texture, and dislike the lack of notice to its arrival, but now we know how to use it we see it for what it is: Future Joy.


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