Making the most of your exit interview

People are on the move again.  Exit interviews are increasing. The question gets asked “What does the savvy leaver say in those final moments?”  Do they air grievances? Do they suggest improvements? Do they keep silent about all they know.   The answer? An exit interview is a work day like any other.  Treat it as such.

On a normal workday:

  • You would report a problem if you had the desire and ability to find a solution, plus the ability or influence to effect the solution’s implementation.
  • You would air grievances if you intended to be proactive in improving the situation and wanted to improve your relationship building skills, otherwise you’d take it on the chin.
  • You would offer your opinion when you had the opportunity to address misunderstandings, otherwise you would restrict yourself to citing facts.

Treat an exit interview like a normal workday.

Whether the time is right to offer suggestions, grievances, opinions depends on the echo you want to leave behind.

Now is the time to leave an impression that’s remembered as favourable. It’s a time for keeping bridges standing not burning them.  

Be tactful. Be truthful. Be caring. Be wise.

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