Keys to success

As a leader CEO, GM, whatever, you have to inspire passion in others to fulfil your responsibilities, that’s because building something of value is so difficult that any rational person would give it up. Who would go without sleep, put themselves up to fail again and  again and  again if they weren’t passionate about what they were producing? Not me, and I bet not you or your team.

Passion needs resources to keep is fire burning, that’s why successful businesses, those which have longevity, have heart. They do everything possible to attract and retain the best people and then provide those people with the support they need, unfailing following their ABCs (Always Be Compassionate) and so recognising that within each of us is a mixture of wants, needs and fears that can derail as well as enable.

The hardest part is staying on track.

Ideas are great but when all is said and done its the quality of execution that makes the difference; heart plus passion plus good implementation – these are the keys to success.  

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