When contentment comes

Contentment comes when there is no more desire. When goals are forgotten. When wants are let go. That attaching to desire can prove painful is seen in all aspects of life.

In Business: Mergers and Acquisitions – Only 9% succeed. Of the 9 of 10 that fail, many do so because buyers were blinded by desire to the flashing “do not buy” signs.

In Life: Relationships – 70% of second marriages fail. Desire and reality could not coexist.

We need clear goals of course. They set direction and reduce the amount of choices we need make. If we have decided to holiday in Honduras we will bin the articles on Antarctica and that time is now available for other things. Goal clarity has made our life less stressed.

By “desiring” a goal we invest our emotion in an outcome. If it doesn’t happen as we want, we suffer. If we decide we must holiday in Honduras (and no where else) we will suffer greatly when war, disease or other blight stops us going there. But if our goal was a restful holiday, the blight does not stop us. We explore other destinations and a little work gets us what we want.

Our ability to detach (let go) from our goal allows us to enjoy the journey and to adapt as circumstances change – making goal achievement more likely. It’s not easy but its worth giving it a try.


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