Keep your mouth closed

Keeping your mouth closed is the best way to attain a position of influence. It may seem an oxymoron that silence produces a reputation for wisdom, but once you consider that influence is simply bringing another’s opinion into line with the one that you need them to have, then it is obvious that listening is the key to transformation.

Said in that way it sounds like manipulation.

That’s because it is.

A leader’s role is to mould the minds of the people she or he works with so that these people stop being a group of individuals, and instead become a team who are aligned in their wants, and goals. When this occurs amazing things happen: man steps on the moon; surgeons perform operations thousands of miles from where they are standing; spinach leaves form the basis of working heart cells.

To create an innovative and cohesive team is not an easy. Only leaders of integrity, unstinting patience and the ability to forgive mistakes without hesitation can create such teams to last.

Good listening provides the food stuff of trust.

It seeks to understand the whole person and picture before forming a comment.

It knows recollections are at best incomplete, and that’s okay. Tomorrow is our focus not yesterday.

By knowing what is common, what is different then 1 + 1 = 3.


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