Increasing sales referral numbers

The hidden downside to building trusted and valued sales relationships is your contacts may like you too much. Say what?

No one enjoys telling someone that they didn’t get the gig, or their ideas were not endorsed, or their style didn’t fit. And when that someone feels like a friend it is even harder. This is the dilemma referrers face every day.

Being a sales professional you know that any time spent with a suitable influencer is valuable, regardless of the immediate outcome, but your contacts probably don’t. They may worry that if the job is not right, or the proposal unsuccessful your friendship (and their credibility) may be at risk, rather than the reality that a fitting referral will, at some time in the future (who knows when), be of benefit to both of you.

So, salesperson make it easy for your friends and team to refer. Make crystal clear the Who, What and Why of your service including discussion of jobs that got away or you didn’t want and why.  This adds clarity and depth to your message and demonstrates your ease in life.

And referrer, consider the cost of non referral. You lose the rewards of a stronger relationship with at least two parties as well as not helping your friend to succeed.

The next referral just may be The One for both of you.


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