Improving your leadership edge

Where we look for validation has a direct impact on our ability to lead as it impacts how we react to everyday occurrences. Self validation is an important part of our emotional tool box. It allows us to accept what we have achieved with grace and pleasure, and push ourselves forward at a realistic pace.

Acknowledging our successes is vital if we wish to stay motivated, especially when the journey is hard. By being internally driven, and acknowledging it internally, we exclude the risks of public self congratulations yet build the much needed energy to continue our journey forward.

Self validation is the fuel that nurtures our confidence, quietly and in doing so keeps our stress under control. To make it produce the results we need, validation requires us to know what is important.

These three questions help us set the focus of a life worth living as we desire, and allow us to set boundaries with confidence and tact.

Your team are watching you. How you act can help them take more control over their own future. Please own your responsibility to them.

And don’t read this just for your team or yourself: The Haynes Report has placed a spotlight on leadership behaviour for Community’s sake. Exploring these questions helps leaders leave legacy of which they can be proud.


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