How to get the angels to sing

There is a term “Wise Mind”. It refers to the point where the rational and emotional mind come together, the point where logic and heart combine to create a decision that even the angels know is wise.

The Hayne’s Report has intended I think to encourage this Wise Mind effect by recognising how remuneration, KPIs and company values can’t stand apart.

You will know of the Australian company Atlassian which listed on the NYSE in 2015. At the time it was 13 years old and valued at $4.37B.  Its current price is around 5 times that on listing. The company’s founders decided from get-go that the human side of the business had to be recognised along side the rational – both working together making beautiful music. The NASDAQ valuation recognises the power and rarity of getting this right.

When humans combine logic and heart great things occur. Companies that foster this ability are likewise amazing.  A company cannot live by processes, systems, and financial control alone. Neither can it be driven only by the hearts and mind of its clients, suppliers or employees.

But when your business invests in both powers at once the angels will meet in concert and offer their voices to you.


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