Great strategy emerges

Great strategy emerges from our existing information. This requires us to be watchful of trends. Asked every quarter (at least) these questions will uncover factors to allow you to create strategy that sets you apart.

  1. Who are the customers which make you the most profit? Why?
  2. Which are the services which make you the most profit? Why?
  3. Which clients are possibly best serviced elsewhere – as they don’t add the morale boost, challenge, opportunity, financial or other criteria you’ve set? What processes do you have in place to watch, learn and if necessary transfer these to others?
  4. What do your high potential clients want which is different? How can you be sure?
  5. How successful is the firm in improving client experience and reducing time and costs in completion? In which areas is it best? Why?
  6. Which services provide the greatest growth prospects, which make staff most satisfied, which should be outsourced, and which should be nurtured into cash cows?
  7. How are staff gaining meaning from their work? What growth opportunities could this offer?
  8. What economic and societal changes need to be considered in future decisions?

Now that you’ve read this, what do you plan to do?


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