Evolutionary business

50% of their DNA humans share with bananas or so we are told by Deepak Chopra. I have not read research that proves this fact, but wandering Northbridge in the early hours of a Sunday and this commonality seems obvious. Humour and concern aside research into evolutionary biology has shown it is the variety in each species which assures its success. Psychology advises that it is our commonality which enables contentment and with it the safety to create. Economics tells us that it is by recognising the common and exploring the different that we can prosper financially, as any successful business will attest.

But “what relevance does this have to me as a leader?” I hear you say.

And my reply-Is it not your job to assure the success of your team as well as you?

So next time your team gathers to determine your business strategy or any complex issue, first find the common ground to create an atmosphere of safety, then incite creativity to uncover the different ideas within each head, lastly gain commitment to test the best ones out.

Uncovering the differences and testing them in different situations is how evolution enabled homo sapiens to dominate the planet in preference to the banana. If evolution thought such process sensible maybe you should too.


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