Budgets create meaningful lives too

You may recall a homeless woman fronting my doorstep last August. Last week she got in touch. In October she regained high paying work and is attending to the debts that caused so much trouble. Life is still very hard for her (you don’t suffer homelessness unless many problems exist) but she has turned an important corner.

She came to repay her accommodation. I was delighted of course, but her offer was unexpected. To me the money was a donation to charity, user direct rather than through a third party. It was no issue to spend it with her.

That I treated her situation as normal, she said, is why she felt she could do it.

You see it WAS normal for me. I have budgets: Budgets for donations and Budgets for time. The former meant I didn’t begrudge the payment – it was going to a charity in any case. The latter meant I didn’t begrudge the hours then or in the follow up calls. They fitted my monthly obligations.

Budgets gave me freedom to see her as she is. I didn’t need to judge whether she was worthy of my assistance. She fitted into my budgets and that’s all I needed to know.

She is now working through the teams we discussed in our meeting, and is rebuilding her life. Its not a straightforward path, but her efforts are giving her pride and meaning.

Budgets can be used to great power.


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