What is your point of view?

I adore walking. On the weekend I passed two dogs joyfully playing. Their patient owners standing above them smiling and talking with gentleness. The love of their dogs was enough to open their voices to others. At the store I met a beautifully attired woman. She lost 85% of her eyesight 15 years earlier. She does her own makeup with a delicate touch and still paints though not so well. Her life is hard but not too hard for a kind word and smile. Walking home a wind gust took my hat. My cry of surprise caused the couple who had just passed to step back in my direction. None of these people know me but all were inclined to be kind.

As our day heats up and expectations aren’t met it is easy to think that others don’t care or maybe we are not good enough. I put it to you that neither is true. I’ve never encountered anyone who is not doing the best they can in the circumstances (we can always become better of course).

I HAVE encountered many people who have poor skills, poor self awareness, and habits that are unhelpful, but none who are not good and kind.

You think otherwise? Why not test it today. When your feelings of frustration or annoyance rise think them (or you) unskilled before lacking in care. Then watch what unfolds. I believe you will be pleasingly surprised.

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