Self awareness is an antidote for bad culture

The clamour for virtuous culture has been ringing for centuries. Its unabated noise reflects the reality of human existence. Our mix of good and bad emotions makes this message enduring, and us the most successful species on this planet.

Trouble is – What is good or bad “depends”.

Raging at a waiter because dinner was late is not appropriate and thus “bad” , whilst rage employed in deflecting physical torture of innocents is “good”.

We can spend days in workshops write pages of instructions and set as many KPIs as cutlery in a draw but until we are in a situation we will not know how we will react. And that is why the self awareness skills of leaders are so important.

We cannot change another person. At best we influence their behaviour.

The way we act towards ourselves and those around us powerfully communicates how we expect others to act towards us, and towards those in our care (such as our customers, friends, staff and family).

We attract those who want to be like us. The greater our self awareness the more able we are to attract those who seek to have the kindness and compassion we have.

So when you plan your workshop on culture, give self awareness pride of place.


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