Layering – that’s how great learning occurs

As Ivan the hairdresser dried my hair he fluttered the blower, waving it 1/2 to his face and 1/2 to my hair, a 270 degree rotation. “It keeps the moisture in” he told me. It was a much longer process than normal but when I left the salon my hair had bounce, and that bounce stayed for hours. Neat I thought and left it at that.

This morning as I watered my pot plants I noticed I was replicating Ivan: sprinkle water lightly onto one pot, move on to the next. Return. Give extra attention where needed, but only once the first sprinkles absorbed. Repeat until the pots were sufficiently wet. I started this 3 months ago and the plants seen much stronger and more vibrant than they did last year. Interesting.

“Does this process have a general application?” I thought.

Of course it does. The best learning occurs this way.

When we build our knowledge layer by layer carefully and softly, the best results arise.

That is why coaching works so well. Efforts are invested with kindness, tailored for the individual, and the situation at hand.

Knowledge and new habits are built layer by layer, pushing into the future, and returning. Repeating again and again, and again.

It takes longer than attending a workshop or reading a book but the results are better and longer lasting. Neat!

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