I love micromanaging

“I love micromanaging” said no leader ever! Why do we think that anyone wants to micro manage? Micro managers generally worry all hours of the day and night. Who wants that? Not me, and not that Boss you get so frustrated with.

When I googled micromanagement, the articles I found placed responsibility on the shoulders of the leader. Garbage! Responsibility is shared – like it is in all relationships.

Yes it’s easier to blame than be accountable but blame is an insidious beast. It eats away self respect and says to our inner selves “I have no power”, “I have no worth”. With sufficient repetition we will believe this rubbish to be truth. Not good.

If you want to be known one day as a leader of note you’d better stop complaining. Instead grab a mirror and ask yourself (daily) these questions:

  1. “What am I doing that makes my Boss fear I won’t perform?”
  2. “What is one thing can I do today that will increase his/her confidence in me?”
  3. “What will I commit to do everyday … without fail … that will gradually replace that fear with trust?”

Acting on these questions WILL stop micromanagement but it requires unending patience, good humour, and self awareness. Great leaders have these qualities. Do you?

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