How to open minds

Fixed mindsets are “bad” I am told. Their owners should be trained to open their minds. Really?

Let’s say that I have experienced a manager who has a laser like ability to uncover my shortfalls and then describe them condescendingly to all within earshot. I no longer try anything new because I am not a masochist, and the actions of my manager say “Mistakes will not be tolerated”. 
 Is it the situation or my mind which should be changed?

So before you start solving may I ask you to do the following :

  • Watch – Identify the situations when your team member is open to new ideas and when she is not – day, place, people, project…get as much detail as possible
  • Change the situation where possible


  • Together develop plans and actions to produce the change desired. Link to career and personal goals
  • Celebrate wins
  • Be realistic. Expect back tracking to occur
  • Mistakes that generate new learning are assets not failures
  • Keep perspective. We all lack attention at times
  • Remember to constantly stress WIIFM [for your team member]
  • Be unremittingly patient

Remember we become the names we are called by those whose opinion we trust  – Tell her you know she is as flexible and creative as needed, but that her skills are just not strong enough… yet


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