Bucket lists

Bucket lists. Are they good, bad, or a social media obligation that eats us up? Each Saturday the instructor asks us what we are doing that’s interesting. The reply is “Silence”. Maybe no one has vocal cords… maybe we think our interests will be banal to others, though more likely it’s that life is routine and we see little of interest in it.

It’s easy to fall foul of routine. We have just finished an exhausting week; the combination of chores and the attraction of the familiar push us to do the same things again and again.

Yet if we are not careful we will stop growing. We are creatures driven to learn. Without new knowledge we put life on hold.

To enjoy our lives we don’t need bucket lists. Indeed their attraction can introduce unneeded stresses. We just need to experience our day, moment by moment. Life is fascinating just as it is.

So next time you are out getting coffee, check out the faces of those who walk pass and enjoy their reactions to your smile, then inhale the scent before taking your first mouthful, like you would savour a good wine. How is today different to yesterday? Extend this focus to all that you do.  There is much to do everyday in life that lets us know we are fully alive.

Bucket lists add grand interjections, but if we live by the grand we are constantly seeking more.  When we look to the small we find quickly that our life is enough … as are we.


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