Grow your pleasure this Summer

Summer is a time of renewal, and growth  – in the environment, ourselves and our relationships. Where Christmas falls at Summer’s start, relationship opportunities are turbocharged through the enjoyable process of gift giving.

The gifts we get tell a lot about how others perceive us. An apparently thoughtless gift of chocolates may be full of meaning: The giver remembers a poignant time when you ate these together, she thinks this gift will increase your closeness. Or  meaningless: The chocolates are dutifully given, spelling a relationship under threat.

So as you receive every gift, ask the giver (gently of course) why they chose this gift for you. Their story will provide insight into your relationship, into who they are and into how they see you.

(And for gift givers, why not make your meaning clear – encouraging that extra conversation that’s so important to both of you.)

This insight is priceless. Use it to increase your pleasure in life.

This is my Christmas gift you.  Enjoy.


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