True freedom comes from self love

True freedom comes when the love from oneself is so strong that the love and care of others can be received without demand or resistance. That this is not easy is seen every time an airline instructs us to place oxygen masks over our faces in an emergency, before attending to the masks of our children. We are biologically wired to help others.

Ostracism from the tribe places the body at risk. It takes several people to produce food, raise a child, find water, build shelter. A person alone would soon find life reduced to subsistence and worse. Thus our need to ingratiate ourselves into the tribe is strong.

Yet it is easy to become unbalanced, focused on protecting our place in the tribe and / or the image we project and not on what we can contribute. The tribe will only thrive when we are totally, wholly confidently loving ourselves as it is then we can see our unique contribution.

The tribe needs many different types of people to survive. When we focus on how we fit in we are putting the tribe at risk – yet if we don’t fit in we will be banished. Circles within circles.

So next time anger or other darkness arises see it for what it is – an attempt to fit in. Don’t push it away. Learn what its trying to tell you about the love you have for yourself.

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