Happiness is waiting

Happiness relies on your boss! (or so the headline said) Really? I think you and I know that’s rubbish. No one (boss or otherwise) can make you happy. Happiness relies 100% on you. I make no apologies to those who clamour that this is false; who blame others for their disappointments; who say that because their boss is disorganised, angry, micro manages, ignores them or a variety of other complaints, they can’t be happy in their job.

We are free – to choose our jobs and our responses. Its up to us to be happy or not.

Granted life is not always easy, nor nice. Pain, embarrassment, death, illness, hatred, fear and the need to make hard choices all exist and will do so forever but so do laughter, kindness, friendship, love, gratitude, pleasure and self determination.

Its by choosing the lenses through which we view life and the points upon which we focus that we are happy or not. Happy is a state of mind, OUR mind.

Only by understanding the place we have made for ourselves can we become constantly, totally happy.

So articulate the behaviour you don’t like in your boss, reflect on what this says about you and the place you have set for yourself, then take action.

Stop the blame. Choose instead the hard rewarding work of happiness and all it entails.

Happiness is waiting for you, inside.

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