Life is a circus

Life is a circus. One moment we juggle, the next we balance, another we are doing backflips. To do them each well, we do them one after another.  We can’t do a perfect backflip whilst thinking of juggling.

Our lives are made up of many activities. Whether we achieve our desires depends on our ability to stop and see what is happening, around and in us, and then do what is needed right now given the current situation and our objectives.

When we are ill, our need is to get well, not place our energies into our work or worries.

When we are angry, our need is to calm, not let the red mist cloud our vision and lead us into troubles.

When we are happy, our need is to check that happiness suits the situation, and if it does, then indulge in its reconstituting properties.

And when we are making decisions, our need is to look through the layers, for alternatives and options and reasons why ideas seem suited and not,  and then dig deeper to uncover nuances that can derail and catalyse action, and then dig deeper still.

One thing after another, focusing effort when and where it is needed. This is how a circus builds its position in this world. Through its acts it is remembered by all who it touches. Just like us.


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