You have the right to say no

At work, as elsewhere, you have the right to say No.  Indeed you should say “No” to a colleague or boss, when you don’t have capacity, the act will conflict with your values or it will impinge on your long term goals.

Of course this requires that you know:

  • Your capacity, values and goals (If not, work them out quick smart)

And know:

  • Why you were asked in the first place 
  • The personal and practical objectives the requestor needs filled 
  • The “what’s in it for you”, which the requestor says will arise

Then when you decide “No” is appropriate, make it work for you. Offer the name of someone more suited.

Act in this way, you’ll not only get kudos for your consideration and become known for your authenticity, but you’ll also spare yourself the grief of giving a lacklustre performance.

Win-win all round.


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