Managing time is a misnomer

We cannot manage time. It will continue moving regardless of our actions. So often when we say we want to manage time we really mean we want to control the future.  When we look at this statement we realise how foolhardy that is.

The future is made by everyone, not just us alone. Yet somehow we believe that we are dictators to which the world bows. It’s painful when we feel the impact of our mistake.

Instead of playing dictator, trying to control the uncontrollable, live your life intentionally and enjoy the freedom that it brings.

Start each day afresh.

Determine the habits you want to build today, and which you want to let go. Implement tactics to keep them front of mind. Phone alarm maybe?

At nights end, reflect on your achievements so you can stretch yourself a bit more tomorrow.

Remember, both mistakes and achievements pave the journey to your goals,  just as Babe Ruth  – both the home run AND strike out king of his era – demonstrated.

Achieving your goals is simple when you let go of the habits which hold you back and fill the space with new ones. If you would like help in doing this, then contact me.

Ignore time, it can manage itself.

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